Fit your current and future Contract Management needs 100%

Tender Initiation Form on Tablet

Why settle for an 80% fit if we can configure and provide you with a Contract Management system with a 100% fit to your needs. Imagine a system that is as flexible as ‘playdough’ that can easily be shaped around your unique data capturing, workflow, communication and reporting needs. The ‘playdough’ effect combined with a wide range of value added features gives you the opportunity to gain a perfect fit between policy, procedure and user requirements.


Work from anywhere at any time

Enjoy all the benefits of a web based system which will empower you and your organisation to engage with your system via mobile devices e.g. smart phones and tablets. This means more time spent on value added activities and less time spent behind spreadsheets or old desk top databases.

Easy to use & Mobile Ready

So easy to use that you can put the administration function in the hands of the business user rather than expensive programmers or IT departments. Your solution will also be configured to match the skill level of your users and ‘organisation’s language’ i.e. definitions and terminology. We add ‘how to’ and next steps info in your forms so that training can happen ‘on-the-go’ for quick uptake and continuity.

As per your unique Workflow and Governance rules

Workflow for better Action Management

eBMS offer the capability to configure robust and effective workflow routing and rules to enhance the tracking of tasks, improve collaboration and clarify priorities. We can achieve your exact workflow requirements through a range of workflow and email notification settings. The solution is also uniquely strong in the area of sign-offs and approvals. We can set the entire system to correctly mirror your authorisation and organisational structure. All workflow and approval activities are monitored by a clear audit trail. The great advantage is that the solution can be configure to correctly fit your process steps or the creation of additional modules to best fit your Contract Lifecycle management story.


Management Info at your Finger Tips

The offer of flexible reporting gives managers and users quick access to value adding information. This reporting can be self configured to fit your own requirements as a user. We offer a range of dashboards, charting and tabular reports. All reporting is created within the eBMS Platform and saved to various Report Profiles and views which can be shared with other users as needed. This ensures that all reporting and data sets are in one centralized place.


Drive Policy Outcomes

No more excuses of ‘I did not know’ seeing that our workflow, combined with notifications and reminders creates a powerful capability in any organisation to drive business outcomes and to ensure compliance issues are handled as per policy.


More Control

Automated approvals, sign- offs and a clear audit trail will bring better governance, transparency and control to any of your processes.


Bridges the Gap

eBMS Platform bridges the gap between your enterprise applications and the processes & information they don’t manage, giving you the visibility and control you need to improve performance, reduce risk and ensure continuity.


Public or Private Cloud

Flexible deployment, host your customised system on eBMS server in our secure datacenter or install the software in-house behind your own firewall.

Ready to take the next step?